Alex Graves

For PennApps XVI (Fall 2017), I worked with two other students to build a Ruby tool to scrape websites for photos, determine if they are credited, and give the user options to find the source or similar images. This project won the "Best Use of Google Cloud Compute/Big Data Products" award.


Throughout the summer of 2017, I worked closely with other members of the The Daily Pennsylvanian's web development team to build this events aggregation platform. It is built with Ruby on Rails.

Chariot Pricing Page

As part of my 2017 summer internship at Chariot, I redesigned and coded a new pricing page, as well as a commuter benefits page. These pages were built with HTML, CSS, and AngularJS.


For my CIS196 final project in April 2017, I built a Ruby on Rails app that can be used to collaboratively create color schemes (repo).

Personal Website

My website, first built in January 2017 and updated regularly, is pure HTML and CSS.


For my CIS120 final project in December 2016, I built Minesweeper in Java.


For my CIS110 final project in May 2016, I built the game Simon in Java, along with a partner.

WeatherSmart Lights

For my ESE111 final project in December 2015, I and a partner built a Arduino system to control a user's lights based on the weather.